The Madison Method

MADISON ORTHO   Cutting-edge technology at your fingertips

Madison Ortho is a leading Orthopedic implant company with a diverse product portfolio and rapidly expanding global footprints. As the leading manufacturer and supplier of medical devices, Madison has attained recognition globally by continuing its focus on creating precise and safe orthopedic products. Our range of orthopedic implants and prostheses helps surgeons offer effective orthopedic treatments, shorter hospitalizations, and better overall quality of life for patients.

We believe in the continuous development of our product portfolio and regularly launch new and innovative orthopedic products to meet the changing landscape of orthopedic technologies and the needs of surgeons.

The Madison Advantage

Madison Ortho’s commitment to ensuring optimal patient outcomes comes through our patient-first approach.
Here’s what you get by partnering with Madison Ortho, your reliable medical device supplier.

Superior orthopedic technology
We are committed to remaining at the forefront of cutting-edge Orthopaedics technology and our products are manufactured with avant-garde precision equipment and underlying principles.
State-of-the-art Manufacturing
Our manufacturing facilities in various locations in Asia and Europe meet all the relevant quality control criteria and we constantly upgrade infrastructure, systems, and processes to keep pace with the latest norms and evolving orthopedic technologies.
Solid Partnerships
Be it our superior orthopedic implant designs and ethical manufacturing teams across the globe, our strong distributor network, or the global orthopedic community, we have built solid alliances and relationships with all stakeholders and it is one of our strongest suits, all in the pursuit of offering the best orthopedic devices.
Competitive prices
We have all the necessary accreditations like the CE mark, ISO 13485:2003, ISO 9001:2000, and other concerned local authorities. The raw materials used in our process are finalized after stringent vendor qualification audits, however, we still manage to retain affordable prices for our range of orthopedic implants and medical devices as patient well-being is paramount for us.
The Madison Advantage
Expansive Product Portfolio
We offer a vast portfolio of orthopedic products that keeps in mind the breadth of surgical orthopedic procedures, the evolving surgery styles, and technologies. From pediatric to geriatric to trauma patients, our portfolio of orthopedic implants caters to all surgeries.
Global Footprint
Madison has a manufacturing presence across Europe and Asia and supplies orthopedic implants to more than 40 countries across all 5 continents, thereby earning the trust and recognition of the orthopedic community as well as the distributor network.
Constant Innovation
Manufacturing innovation means not taking the present state as static but improving upon both process and the underlying principles. It applies to our orthopedic implant manufacturing processes. We regularly invest a significant portion of our revenues towards new product development. This is the Madison approach.

Madison showcasing to the world

Every year, Madison Ortho travels around the globe to explore new opportunities and showcase our innovation and expertise in the designing and manufacturing of precision-edge orthopedic implants. These are a few glimpses.

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