Alps 3 In 1 Universal Femur Nails

Categories: FEMUR

ALPS™ 3 in 1 Universal Nailing System permits an intramedullary approach for the fixation of fractures of the proximal and shaft femur. The system consists of a series of cannulated short nails, cannulated long nails, cannulated end caps, and locking bolts and screws. The system provides two proximal locking options: Standard locking and Reconstruction locking. The aiming device provides an accurate and fast proximal and distal locking.

  • Anatomical Nail Design.
  • Multiple locking oprions for proximal locking.
  • Accurate and fast mechanical aiming device for distal locking.
  • A locking screw of a smooth shank configuration is much stronger for a given diameter than a fully threaded screw.
  • All of the implants are available in Titanium Alloy and Stainless Steel.
  • The nails and locking screws are color coded for easy identification.


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