Atlas Pfna Femur Nails

Categories: Intramedullary Nails

ATLAS™ PFNA Nailing System is an optimal implant with regard to prevention of femoral head penetrations for the treatment of unstable trochanteric fractures. It is applied in an intramedullary position allowing for immediate full weight-bearing postoperatively with a sliding helically shaped collum-blade permitting controlled impaction of the metaphyseal fracturezone.

Anatomical nail design guarantees an optimal fit in the femur

  • The PFNA has a medial-lateral angle of 6°
  • Optimal stress distribution at the tip of the nail

Static and dynamic distal locking options for clinical choice

Better stability in anchoring and anti-rotation

  • Inserting the PFNA blade compacts the cancellous bone providing additional anchoring, which is especially important in osteoporotic bone.
  • Large surface and increasing core diameter guarantee maximum compaction and optimal hold in bone.


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