Dahlia Compression Staple

Categories: Screws and Staple

The DAHLIA™ Compression Staple System is a highly versatile implant for osteotomies and arthrodeses of the foot. It is particularly useful in calcaneal-cuboid joint fusions, talonavicular fusions, calcaneal osteotomies, arthrodeses of the midfoot joints, midfoot osteotomies, and corrective osteotomies of the forefoot. The DAHLIA™ Compression Staple is a unique low-profile device that delivers a great deal of compression across a joint.

  • All DAHLIA Compression Staple implant components are manufactured from surgical grade stainless steel for maximum strength and stiffness.
  • Wide staple legs with external teeth resists pullout and `plowing` through soft bone.
  • Comprehensive range of widths and leg lengths for more anatomic surgical application.
  • Staple widths from 13 - 25mm
  • Leg lengths from 11 - 25mm


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