Eight-q Guided Growth Plates

Categories: Locking and plates

The EIGHT-QTM guided growth plating system is an extra-periosteal plate that uses the robust growth potential of the child’s physis to gently guide correction of angular deformity. The system contains multiple plate sizes, along with cannulated and solid screw options to provide gentle, early intervention for patients as young as 18 months. The Eight-Plate is a minimally invasive, secure implant for hemiepiphysiodesis that allows speedy post-operative recovery with immediate weight bearing.

  • Contoured plate bends for anatomic fit and flexibility during unilateral growth.
  • Central pilot hole for accurate placement over the physis.
  • Fully threaded cannulated screws resist pull out forces and allow easy removal after treatment.
  • Diverging screws function like a hinge to gently guide natural growth.


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