Minerva Variable Angle Acif Cage

Categories: Spinal Fixation

The MINERVATM Variable Angle ACIF Cage is a stand-alone implant for use in cervical interbody fusion, which combines the functionality of a cervical interbody spacer and benefits of an anterior cervical plate.

  • Zero-profile midline designed to minimize the risk of contact with vessels and adjacent soft tissues
  • Prevents adjacent level ossification
  • Easy of use
    - Variable angle screws, designed with a wide range of allowable screw trajectories, potentially facilitate screw insertion.
    - One-step blocking mechanism features audible, tactile and visual cues to confirm screw is blocked upon insertion.
    - Small incision sizes are possible in comparison to plate and spacer usage.
  • Interbody Spacer
    - Spacer component is made of a biocompatible radiolucent polymer (PEEK) which allows visualization and assessment of the bones to be fused.
    - Teeth on the implant surface provide initial stability.
    - Radiopaque marker for posterior visualization during imaging
  • Interbody plate with stops
    Titanium alloy interbody plate provides a stable fixation with screws.
    - Stresses in the interbody plate with stops are decoupled from the spacer through an innovative interface.
    - Contralateral safety stops designed to prevent over. insertion and align with the anterior surface of the vertebral bodies.
  • Variable angle screws
    - Self-drilling and self-tapping screws.
    - Screws can be inserted 27°- 44° (17° range ) in cranialcaudal direction and 15°- 29° (14°range) in medial-lateral direction.
    - Designed to help prevent graft expulsion.
    - Screws are allowed to toggle postoperatively within vertebral bodies, which may potentially prevent load shielding of the graft in the event of graft subsidence

Minerva Variable Angle ACIF Cage System

Minerva Variable Angle ACIF Cage system by Madison Ortho is designed for the anterior interbody cervical fusion. The system consists of a hollow Peek spacer with a titanium screw, a titanium marker, an interbody plate with stops, and precise surgical instruments. Madison Ortho offers a variety of lengths and heights for the Minerva Cage system, with options in lordotic angles as well.

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