Neptune 5.5 Degenerative Spinal Posterior Fixation

Categories: Spinal Fixation

The new NEPTUNE-II™ 5.5 Spinal Fixation System is a comprehensive system of instruments and implants designed to address instability in the thoracic, lumbar, and sacral spine. Simplified instrumentation and a broad selection of titanium implants help to ensure optimal and reproducible results.

  • Pedicle Screws
    Dual lead threadform for optimized bone purchase
    - Cortical thread engages the pedicle.
    - Cancellous thread engages the vertebral body - Self-tapping profile.
    With a 4.5-7.0mm diameter in half-millimeter increments.
    Color-coded by bone screw diameter.
  • Set Screw
    Square Thread Closure Mechanism helps prevent cross threading.
    StarDrive recess provides an improved torque transmission to the set screw
  • Snap-on Transverse Connector
    Offers fast and simple in-situ placement
    Simple anatomical adjustment possible
  • Dynamic Rod (optional)
    Provides motion increase compared to rigid rod


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