Pluto Occipito-cervical Fusion

Categories: Spinal Fixation

The PLUTO™ Occipito-Cervical Fusion System is a versatile system that is designed to be effective in treating the more challenging cases in the posterior occipito-cervical and upper thoracic spine. The PLUTO™ System is comprised of cervical laminar hooks, thoracic poly-axial screws, and lateral rod connectors and midline occipital plates. The laminar hook is designed to provide excellent fit and fixation to the sub-axial cervical and upper thoracic spine. The poly-axial screw offers a degree of angulation and independent screw placement that reduces the need to contour the rod.

  • The implants provide the flexibility required to accommodate variations in patient anatomy.
  • Variable angle self-tapping cortical and cancellous screws.
  • System includes a complete set of implants and instruments designed to optimize fixation to the occiput.


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